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Programme Overview

The objective of the 3-day Agility, Innovation and Design Programme is to enable Operational Excellence practitioners and business leaders to learn state-of-the-art techniques from Agile to drive business agility and handle novel situations where we need to innovate.

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The objective of the 3-day Agility, Innovation and Design Programme is to enable Operational Excellence practitioners and business leaders to learn state-of-the-art techniques from Agile to drive business agility and handle situations where we need to innovate and create something for the first time. The programme, with Lean and Six Sigma thinking at its heart, shows delegates how Agile thinking and planning techniques can accelerate Lean Six Sigma projects and make them more impactful.


This Agility, Innovation and Design programme is delivered in a workshop style event with a blend of teaching, discussion, interactive exercises and practice application of the methods being taught.

Who is the course for? 

  • You would like to blend state-of-the-art (Agile, Lean Start-up, Design Thinking) and tried-and-test techniques (including Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma thinking), to learn how to drive innovation and handle situations where a “step change” in performance is needed or we are doing something for the first time
  • You would like to learn how to provoke and deliver breakthrough changes
  • You want to promote and develop business agility by applying experimental thinking across a business model. Strengthening cause and effect thinking within the business system and measurable connection to the strategic big “Why?”
  • You would like to take your Voice of the Customer skills to the next level: User Stories / 3C Pattern, Segmentation, Hypothesis driven thinking, overt and covert needs, personas, job mapping etc.)
  • You would like to learn how to apply Value-Driven thinking to prioritise and sequence your project / changes pragmatically from the perspective of the customer
  • You want to develop feedback loops in your change process at the customer-level, with the results that drive what happens next to maximise value delivery and accelerate learning
  • You want to accelerate DMAIC projects to deliver “nuggets of value” in a rapid and continuous stream

Outcomes for Your Personal Development

Following the training you will have the knowledge and skill to instil business agility into your thinking; more deeply considering the Voice of the Customer with “intrapreneurial” thinking – separate out facts from assumptions and test your hypotheses scientifically using experiments. You will be able to apply Agile planning techniques to accelerate change, engage stakeholders, and use value-driven prioritisation to maximise the impact of your efforts. You will be able to use Lean Six Sigma thinking to design a process from scratch.

Support Pack

Each delegate will receive:

  • A printed and pdf copy of the training materials
  • The Six Sigma Design Journey book
  • A pack of templates
  • A user story deck for running a Lean Six Sigma project using Agile planning techniques

We are currently delivering all of our Open Programmes remotely.

See Virtual Open Classroom

Once restrictions are lifted we will be able to resume face-to-face delivery and provide training at our London, Birmingham and Edinburgh venues once again.

In-company classroom  

For more than 4 delegates attending the same programme this is the most cost effective option.

The programme can be delivered on-site or virtually.

The sessions will be bespoke, lively and interactive delivering a memorable learning experience for the delegates.

We will discuss your objectives prior to the delivery, and help you to plan the most effective delivery and support to your team of delegates.

This course is typically delivered over XXX days.

Consecutively or spread out over half-days sessions. Whatever is most convenient to you!


For Agility Innovation and Design it is helpful but not essential for delegates to be familiar with

  • Excel basic user
  • Kano model
  • Basic background to Lean Six Sigma (consider attending our free webinar)


  • What is innovation?
  • What is Agility?
  • What is Design Excellence?
  • Leadership skills for disruptive innovation
  • Breakthrough thinking and manufactured exceptions
  • Lean Start-up
  • Kanban
  • Sprinting / Incremental and Iterative Delivery
  • Design Excellence (DFMEA)
  • Introduction to Agile-enabled Lean Six Sigma
  • Applying thinking from other design methodologies (Design Thinking, Double Diamond DMADV/IDOV/DfSS/|CDOV, etc)
  • Making changes to Business Models and/or Value Streams
  • Map to frameworks (DMAIC, DMADV, Design Thinking etc.)
  • Business Model Canvas + Value Proposition
  • Agile Requirements Backlog Development
  • Segmentation
  • Hypothesis development
  • Overt and covert needs
  • Kano Model
  • User Stories
  • Advanced Voice of Customer techniques
  • Personas
  • Job Mapping
  • 3C Pattern and Backlog Management
  • Analytical Hierarchy Procedure (AHP)
  • Design Elements – not just the product / service
  • Kano Survey
  • Pugh Matrix
  • Designing effective experiments
  • Responding to feedback
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Design Validation
  • 3Cs
  • Quality Function Deployment “Lite”, (the What’s & How’s matrix)
  • Recap, conclusions and key learning points
  • Final Q&A
  • Next steps

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