As a partner in the Lean Six Sigma Academy, Catalyst has played a major role in developing the British Quality Foundation’s (BQF) lean six sigma certification processes. BQF certification provides independent verification of competency in applying the Lean and Six Sigma methods across a range of expertise levels.

Why BQF Certification?

There are multiple options available for Lean and Lean Six Sigma certification, which can be confusing. We’ve chosen to align with the BQF for the following reasons:

  • The BQF is a not-for-profit professional membership organisation whose purpose is to enable excellence in UK organisations.
  • The BQF Academy was established in 2006, comprised of experts from leading businesses and consultancy organisations.
  • Lean and Lean Six Sigma standards (Bodies of Knowledge) from Lean Associate to Master and Lean Six Sigma Yellow to Master Black Belt level were developed taking into account the Voice of the Customer and business needs.
  • These standards are applied through a rigorous certification process that includes exams and assessment of demonstration of practice by an accredited assessor.
  • Unlike many other certifications in this field, you cannot achieve BQF certification without evidencing that you have successfully applied Lean and Lean Six Sigma tools and delivered business results.

We believe this is a highly rigorous, respected, and practical Lean Six Sigma certification process – take a look at the number of names on the Certification Register of Belts of the British Quality Foundation.

Internationally Recognised

An internationally recognised certification standard, highly regarded by employers.

National Benchmark

A leading independent benchmark, recognised and trusted.


Consistent benchmark of competency & capability across all markets & sectors.

Benefits of BQF Certification

  1. An internationally recognised certification standard, highly regarded by employers.
  2. Inclusion on the BQF Certification Register as a BQF certified Practitioner.
  3. A consistent benchmark of competency and capability across all markets and industry sectors.
  4. Opportunities to develop and recruit new staff at a recognised and certified level of professional capability.
  5. A leading independent benchmark, recognised and trusted
  6. Enhance your competitive edge, helping to strengthen employment opportunities and keep up with Lean/LSS thinking and practice.
  7. Continuous Professional Development, not just a one-off qualification.
  8. ISO18404 was published in December 2015 and specifies a number of competencies and the minimum level at which these topics should be understood, applied and managed by Green and Black Belts. The content of Catalyst’s Green and Black Belt training programmes exceed (and historically has exceeded) what is specified by ISO18404. Catalyst Green and Black Belt training leads directly to British Quality Foundation certification and the standards which must be demonstrated through exam and practical application also exceed the requirements of ISO18404.

BQF Certification Register

Inclusion on the BQF Certification Register as a BQF Licenced Practitioner.

Access Expert Networks

Access to expert networks and best practice via other BQF seminars and training.

Career Benefits

Strengthen employment opportunities and keep up with Lean Six Sigma practice.

Why BQF Certification with Catalyst?

Recommended Provider

We are the recommended provider of Lean Six Sigma, forming one-half of the BQF academy.

Experienced Team

Our world-class team of expert trainers will help you achieve your goals.

Inclusive With Selected Courses

BQF Certification is included with selected Catalyst Open Classroom Training Courses.

How to Become Certified?

If you’re looking for Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green or Black Belt status, or Lean Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner recognition, certification follows a simple three step process:

  1. Complete the relevant training programme
  2. Pass the exam
  3. Present evidence of applying what you’ve learnt

Certification to Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt or Lean Master Practitioner takes a different route, and one that is based on the experience of the applicant. Please contact us for more details.

Our team is on hand to help with any questions you might have.

BQF Certificate


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There are many organisations offering Lean Six Sigma and Lean Certification - why should I choose BQF?

We understand that this is a source of frustration for individuals and businesses. Some points for you to consider are:

  • Is the certification based on exam only or does it include the assessment of how you put the skills into practice?
  • If the certifying body is the same as the organisation providing your training your certification may be seen as less valid
  • Who is the ultimate authority behind the certification?
  • To what degree will this certification enhance my CV?
  • Will current/future employers recognise or value this certification?

Does my GB/BB/MBB Certificate expire?

No. The principle is the same as, for example, a university degree certificate.  This certifies that you achieved this qualification on the date shown on your certificate but does not indicate whether you have maintained and further developed your skills since that date.

Is online training accepted for acquisition of knowledge?

Yes, provided it meets the same criteria as classroom training and can be evidenced as described.

Is internal company delivered training accepted?

Yes, provided it is a formal course endorsed by your company’s training department and can be evidenced as described.

How will I receive my certificate?

An electronic certificate will be emailed to you along with instructions on how to take full advantage of your digital certificate. Electronic certificates can then be added to LinkedIn, shared via social media or downloaded as a PDF.