All of our courses are available as live instructor-led virtual classroom training that you can attend from your home or workplace, anywhere in the world.

We’ve built on our 25 years of experience of remote working to develop an engaging and immersive online classroom experience. In fact, developing remote classroom learning has revolutionised our face-to-face classroom experience – making it even more engaging than before!


Virtual doesn’t have to mean impersonal! What our clients tell us is that we are friendly and supportive and your success is our success. It is the human relations that make the difference. In our virtual world we will combine our unparalleled technical expertise on the subject matter balanced with the friendly supported social aspect of working with Catalyst.


Our delivery includes interactive instructor-led live sessions, activity-based exercises, break out rooms and simulations.

The tools provide a dynamic and hands-on experience and enable candidates to easily get involved with interactive sessions.


We will introduce you to the latest online collaboration apps to encourage learning by doing and maximising engagement and working together during exercises.

While learning Lean Six Sigma techniques, there is the added bonus of boosting your remote working skills; critical skills for best managing the current situation.


For reference and revision each learner is given access to our e-learning library (The BIZ) of relevant bite-sized videos that you can view on any device.

Popular Virtual Courses:


Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

This programme provides an introduction to Lean Six Sigma, equivalent to 2 days of classroom training.

Lean Six Sigma Managed Online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Our most popular programme providing a thorough grounding in Lean Six Sigma, equivalent to 5 days of classroom training.


Business Agility Foundations

This two-day highly topical, interactive course examines what it means to be truly adaptive in today’s challenging environment.

Business Black Belt

Business Black Belt

New and exciting Business Black Belt programme particularly focused on the needs of organisations in the new age of digitalisation.

Some Recent Feedback

Thank you James Dwan for a most enjoyable two days and for keeping the faith with us! 😊 Seriously, it all came together and it was a very interesting couple of days especially how Agile works with Lean Six Sigma. Doing the remote learning was very easy using Zoom, Jamboard and Trello albeit Marvel was definitely different for each of us in building and linking website pages! 😊 It was fun and it was good that we could laugh at ourselves and for you to laugh with us! Definitely would recommend remote learning and you really do feel as though you are in the classroom without even setting out of your front door!!

– Marie

I have just completed a two day yellow belt session which was very interesting and engaging. The trainer was very engaging, informative and positive throughout.
This was initially arranged to be classroom based however Jo adapted very quickly to the current position and has set up an on-line interactive session which worked well.
Considering she only had a week to react this way it was great and will only get better.
Catalyst provide longer term assistance which should help embed the approach and I have to say I am impressed by their knowledge and approach to really assist learning effectively

– James

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