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Programme Overview

ICAgile accredited Agile Fundamentals (ICP), led by our ICAgile Authorised Instructors This virtual ICP course is a Live Online workshop, run over two full-days but can be delivered as four half-day sessions (each of four hours in duration).

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Agile Fundamentals (ICP) is an industry-recognized credential that demonstrates an understanding of the Agile mindset, values, principles, and foundational concepts. Professionals are grounded in what it means to “be agile while doing agile” and achieve organizational agility without specific focus on any single agile methodology or framework (i.e. Scrum, Kanban, XP, DSDM, SAFe, etc.).

We recommend that all the newly formed / forming Agile teams receive ICAgile Agile Fundamentals Training to get everybody to a common base level of knowledge and understanding.

We will teach them tried and trusted techniques to ensure pragmatic delivery of change with an appropriate sense of urgency; cross functional teams able to work with intensity and make daily trade-off decisions and optimise their way of working around a vision to guarantee the best possible outcome(s) within the time available, regularly engaging key stakeholders and customers using rapid feedback loops and adapting their approach according to change.

From the moment the delegates arrive, they will form a self-organising Agile team and agree a Working Agreement. The course will be run using Agile techniques including a Kanban board to track the course progress with a global definition of done for each course topic so they will live and breathe Agile techniques throughout. We will use a series of interactive exercises where the class will get the opportunity to try out the techniques they are learning. We will provide them with techniques to construct their first backlog around a vision and learn to use a change-driven approach where scope can be negotiated to ensure all the most valuable elements are delivered swiftly and value is in the hands of customers as soon as possible.

We will live and breathe some adaptive planning together using an accelerated simulation, so the delegates get hands-on experience of what is like to work in an Agile team to deliver an outcome and understand the advantages of using this kind of approach. We will also tool them up with how to use relative estimation and burn charts to track their progress. We will help them to understand the pros and cons of different approaches and some of the change management issues to be handled along the way.

Example of online Agile Simulation

Example of online Agile Simulation

The ICAgile authorised instructor will assess the delegates during the training to ensure they have comprehended and digested the topics covered. This will take the form of active questioning and monitoring of the classroom exercises as well as tasks and exercises to be undertaken outside the virtual classroom. Provided the standards are met during the course, each delegate will attain the Certified Professional ICAgile Agile Fundamentals qualification, adding personal impetus, confidence and credibility to the candidates following the course.

History & Mindset

  1. History
    • Origins Of Agile
    • Agile Manifesto
    • Agile Beyond Software Development
  2. Culture & Mindset
    • Understanding The Agile Mindset
    • Establishing The Agile Mindset
    • Agile In Context (As a Journey)

Individuals & Interactions

  1. Creating Shared Understanding
    • Developing Soft Skills Soft
    • Understanding Communication Barriers
    • Sharing Knowledge
    • Physical Work Environments
    • Collaboration Techniques Collaboration
    • Techniques For Shared Understanding
  2. Shifts In Roles
    • Shifts In Roles

Value-Driven Development

  1. Incremental Development
    • Incremental Development
    • Value-Based Work
    • Retaining Quality
  2. Work-In-Progress (WIP)
    • Work-In-Progress (WIP)
    • Continuous Integration
    • Cost & Benefit of Frequent Deliver

Customer & User Involvement

  1. Including Customers and Users
    • Defining The Customer
    • User Involvement
    • User Feedback

Planning & Adapting

  1. Planning And Adapting
    • Planning
    • Estimation
    • Status
  2. Process & Product Adaptation
    • Process Adaptation
    • Product Adaptation

Who should attend

The Agile Fundamentals course is perfect for people who want to learn practical skills so they can apply Agile Ways of Working in their own workplace. Agile Fundamentals are the foundational building block of many ICAgile Learning Paths including:

  • Agile Team Coaching
  • Product Ownership
  • Delivery Management
  • Agile Engineering
  • DevOps
  • Agile Testing

Those already holding Agile certifications or experience are likely to find this course compelling, especially if they are on a journey towards business agility outside of a software development context.

  • you want to learn the latest techniques, methods and ways of thinking
  • you want to learn in a manner that is both pragmatic and fun
  • you want the trainers who have used this stuff successfully in the real world
  • you want to meet like-minded people who are eager to learn together

Prerequisites: A willingness to challenge traditional thinking and a desire to deliver innovative outcomes for the organisation.

Learning Outcomes

To succeed with Agile approaches, teams and organizations should focus first on “being agile” as a foundation for success in “doing agile.” ICAgile’s fundamentals learning outcomes delve into key concepts such as adaptive planning, value-driven development, team collaboration and frequent feedback for continuous improvement. They also cover the history of the agile movement, the Agile Manifesto, the Agile Principles, and some widely applied frameworks and practices. Course participants come away with a solid understanding of core concepts as they prepare to embark on their Agile journey.

Featured outcomes include:

  • Origins of Agile
  • Establishing the Agile Mindset
  • Incremental Development
  • Product Adaptation

What You Receive

  • Online Access to our online collaboration board (Mural / Miro)
  • PDF/PNG extract of collaboration board
  • Agile Fundamentals Study Guide (PDF or hard copies available upon request)
  • Agile Pocket Guide

Prior to the start of the training, we will contact you with ‘pre-flight’ information to make sure that you are confident in the virtual technology prior to the start of the training

In-company classroom  

For more than 4 delegates attending the same programme this is the most cost effective option.

The programme can be delivered on-site or virtually.

The sessions will be bespoke, lively and interactive delivering a memorable learning experience for the delegates.

We will discuss your objectives prior to the delivery, and help you to plan the most effective delivery and support to your team of delegates.

This course is typically delivered over 2 full days, consecutively or spread out over half-days sessions. Whatever is most convenient to you!

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