How Do You Learn?

Whether you prefer self-paced learning or interactive virtual classrooms, we cater to diverse learning styles. Each online course grants you 12 months of access to our e-learning video library, “The Biz“. Participants also benefit from project support, accrue CPD points, and earn the internationally recognised BQF Certification.


Tutor support available as needed

Cost effective and flexible learning paths

Integrated roadmaps and quizzes


Instructor-led, lively interactive training

Virtual breakout rooms

Collaborative online apps


Combines instructor-led and self-study

Coaching support throughout

Chatroom features

Combining the powerful disciplines of Lean and Six Sigma and the practical knowledge gained from 25 years of industry experience, Catalyst Lean Six Sigma online training is the fastest, most flexible and cost-effective way to build capability in your organisation.

Popular online courses

lean six sigma training white belt logo

Lean Six Sigma
White Belt

Develop your awareness of Lean Six Sigma. Equivalent to 1 day of classroom training.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Logo

Lean Six Sigma
Yellow Belt

An ideal introduction to Lean Six Sigma. Equivalent to 2 days of classroom training.

lean six sigma green belt training logo

Lean Six Sigma
Green Belt

Become a Green Belt project leader. Equivalent to 4 days of classroom training.

Lean Six Sigma Advanced Green Belt Logo

Lean Six Sigma
Advanced Green Belt

Become an Advanced Green Belt practitioner. Equivalent to 12 days of classroom training.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Logo

Lean Six Sigma
Black Belt

Become a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Equivalent to 18 days of classroom training.

Change Management for Lean six Sigma Logo

Change Management
for Lean Six Sigma

Learn how to manage change. Equivalent to 3 days of classroom training.

Design for Lean Six Sigma Logo

Lean Six Sigma for
Innovation and Design

Use LSS to design new products, services and processes. Equivalent to 3 days of classroom training.

Combining the powerful disciplines of Lean and Six Sigma and the practical knowledge gained from 25 years of industry experience, Catalyst Lean Six Sigma online training is the fastest, most flexible and cost-effective way to build capability in your organisation.

Personal Tutor

Delegates are assigned a highly skilled personal tutor with real world experience to ensure they succeed with our online training.

Unique Delivery

Our videos are recorded in a live classroom session with specially adapted materials on-screen in our Lean Six Sigma online training.

Value for Money

We deliver a high quality experience for our Lean Six Sigma online learners, reducing time away from the office.

Rich Resources

Our Lean Six Sigma online training study packs include a rich selection of our best selling publications that will help you.


Over the past 25 years we have successfully trained thousands of delegates around the world.

Loved by our Clients

Feedback on our online courses is consistently excellent with delegates scoring an average of 9/10.


With our online training, you have the option of achieving British Quality Foundation certification.


With our training, you get access to free interactive webinars and access to the practitioners online community.

FAQs / Contact Us

Contact Us Icon

What are your terms and conditions?

Catalyst operates an open and transparent approach as we value your custom, so we have tried to ensure that our terms and conditions are easy to understand.

You can see our T&C’s by clicking HERE.

How can I pay for the course?

  • Credit or debit card
  • Paypal
  • BACS

For credit or debit card purchases we use a secure third party solution called Sage Pay and our checkout runs on the Woocommerce platform.

If you would like to pay by invoice / BACS please call us on  +44 (0)845 345 2282

What happens if I want to cancel my purchase?

We are confident that you will be highly satisfied with our online training. Do make sure you read the detailed programme information and view the taster video before you make your purchase. Of course we’d also be happy to speak to you to clarify anything you would like to discuss.

You’ll need to call us on +44 (0)845 345 2282 to cancel your purchase.

How do I know this is the right course for me?

If you’re not sure which course is best suited for you, give us a call today on  +44 (0)845 345 2282 or drop us a line on info@catalystconsulting.co.uk and we’ll call you back.

Are there any pre-requisites for the courses?

Generally speaking No. However, some courses may require the completion of prior modules. Yellow Belt and Green Belt courses do not have any prerequisites.

Do I get access right away?

If you are paying online using our checkout facility you will be given access to the Business Improvement Zone (BIZ) within the next working day.

You will receive two emails:
1) Confirmation of your order and receipt.
2) A welcome mail with a link to the course in the BIZ.

When will I be able to start the course?

You can start our courses any time after purchase. All the materials and instructions are online, and you can complete the course at your own pace.

How long do I have to complete it?

You will have online access for 12 months from the point of enrolment. Access can be extended at an additional cost:

  • Green Belt extension = £400 plus VAT.
  • Yellow Belt extension =  £200 plus VAT.

Do you offer discounts for groups?

Yes, we offer discounts for groups, please call us on  +44 (0)845 345 2282 for further information.

What have previous customers said about Catalyst's training?

Feedback on our training courses is consistently excellent with delegates scoring an average of 9 (out of 10) - we use the Net Promoter System (NPS) and our feedback scores are at world class levels. You can see more on our client testimonials page.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Any modern device with an up to date browser.

Can I use the course on a mobile device?

Yes all our course videos are mobile optimised, making it easy for you to watch videos or access materials from wherever you are and whenever you like.

Can I access my course from multiple devices?

Yes you can access your courses on multiple devices.

Do I need Minitab or any other additional software?

Unlike some of our competitors, you do not need Minitab software to complete our online Green Belt course. Many Green Belt projects do not require the level of statistical training which would involve statistical software. However, we do provide detailed information on using data in your projects based on Excel and SPC Plus (SPC Plus is included free in the Green Belt package).

If you enrol in advanced Greenbelt or Black Belt programmes you will require Minitab (v.16 or above) software. We can provide Minitab software if required.

How long will it take to complete the course?

In the classroom Green Belt training duration is six days, Advanced Green Belt a further six days, Change Management 3 days, ABB Tools 3 days, LSSID 3 days.

You should expect to spend a similar amount of time completing the modules online.

You can expect to spend around 100 hours on a Green Belt project and 200-300 on a Black Belt project.

What is the course process?

  • Enrol in our Business Improvement Zone (BIZ) where you will have access to all of your resources including guidance on deciding your learning strategy.
  • Make contact with your assigned tutor as soon as you are ready.
  • Review the high-level roadmap and project guides which will lead you through the tutorials topic by topic.
  • Complete the quizzes and practical exercises when indicated.
  • Receive course completion certificate.
  • You may if desired, sit the (optional) online BQF Green Belt, Yellow Belt exam or Black Belt exam – included at no extra cost. This is a requirement if you intend to pursue BQF certification.
  • If you are going to complete a project, you can work on it in parallel with training or wait until you have completed training. (Either way, you can constantly refer to the materials for 12 months).
  • If you want to be BQF certified, compile and submit your project storyboard and attend an assessment interview (usually by phone).
  • Receive your Green Belt,  Yellow Belt & Black Belt certificate from the BQF. Green and Black Belt names will appear on their register of certified belts.
  • You may wish, now or later, to undertake further training to build on your knowledge.
  • Whether you do or not, please stay in touch with us and your fellow Lean Six Sigma practitioners through our Practitioners Network.


Do I need a project to complete the course?

We do not require a project to be delivered for the training course to be completed, though we strongly recommend that you accompany the coursework with a meaningful project. A real-world project will significantly enhance the learning experience because you can use it to directly practice the concepts and tools as you complete the course, and because relating the learning to real situations really brings it to life.

Successful project delivery is required if you wish to become a certified Green Belt or Black belt and for Yellow Belts a project or evidence of practical application is necessary.

What support do you offer to help me with the training?

You will be assigned one of our classroom trainers as your personal tutor. Our trainers are all experienced Lean Six Sigma practitioners who have been there and done it for real prior to joining Catalyst.  You will be able to email your tutor for guidance as you work through the training programme, for example if you are unsure of how or when to apply a certain tool.

Do I receive a training certificate?

On finishing the programme you will receive a training certificate which provides evidence that you have completed this widely recognised and respected training course – we have had thousands of previous highly satisfied customers from major organisations of all kinds all over the world.

If you decide to sit the British Quality Foundation exam (included in the course price), you will receive a printed confirmation when you pass.

How can I become British Quality Foundation certified?

As a partner in the Lean Six Sigma Academy, Catalyst has played a major role in developing the British Quality Foundation’s (BQF) certification processes. BQF certification provides independent verification of competency in applying the Lean and Six Sigma methods across a range of expertise levels. It is widely recognised by your current and any future employer

If you decide to put your training into practice on a business improvement project, you can have this assessed by the BQF. You’ll be required to submit a project storyboard (1 for Green Belt & 2 for Black Belt) or evidence of your practical application of tools and methods (for Yellow Belt) and discuss this during an assessment interview, which is done by telephone.

If you are successful, you will receive a BQF Lean Six Sigma certificate from them. There is an additional cost for certification.

Do I have an option at point of payment for certification?

Yes – simply select the option for course and certification

Do I have to do an exam?

The exam is provided and included in the training price. It is separate from the various quizzes you will come across as you progress through the training course.

If you don’t wish to pursue BQF certification to become a certificated Green Belt, Yellow Belt or Black Belt, you do not have to take the exam. However, if you do want to achieve certification, taking and passing the exam is compulsory.

The exams are open book, meaning that you can consult your course materials as you work through the questions, they are multiple choice. You’ll be notified of the result instantly on completion –  free of charge re-sit is available if you don’t pass first time round.