Our Clients

We have worked with all of the brands below to deliver the highest quality training and consulting services. Below are a selection of our clients and their experiences working with Catalyst.

Public Sector

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“Good mix of training and activities. Excellent slides package, Go book and leaflet – great for post course reference. Good range of practical tools to enable us to follow for each DMAIC stage. Good efforts to contextualise to the police.”

Chris Bishop

(Green Belt programme)

“Good mix of PowerPoint and syndicate working. Go book – very good and I expect it to be useful as refresher document in the workplace. Rita Green has a good style and kept us engaged.”

C Pither

(Green Belt programme)

“Very knowledgeable and presented the information in a clear and concise manner. Thank you for an excellent day.”

Alan Jackson,

(Lean Six Sigma Awareness programme)

“Arrived this morning knowing very little about Lean Six Sigma. Now more confident, the subject was delivered in an informal and easy to understand and relate to. Level of knowledge this morning was 1 out of 5, after training, now 4 out of 5.”

Trish Mullen

(Lean Six Sigma Awareness Programme)

Marie-Helene was excellent! 10/10

Aidan Higgins

(Green Belt Programme)

Marie-Helene was concise, professional but friendly. The materials provided were comprehensive and well written. 10/10

Karl Smith

(Yellow Belt Programme)

“Very good, practical exercises made learning easier. The 2 x 2 day idea was good to allow me to look at processes in work.”


(Lean Basics programme)

“I have been very impressed with the Catalyst approach to Lean Six Sigma Training & Deployment support. They have a fun, practical, and very rigorous style of training delivery from which we all benefited. They were able to make it very real for our business and as a consequence we have delivered very impressive results from our initial waves of projects. More than this, they have provided high quality mentoring and coaching of our Master Black Belts which has given us real insights into how we can best deploy and manage the Lean Six Sigma implementation to achieve greatest impact in our complex business environment. Thank you, Catalyst, for the work you have done so far with us on what is hopefully the start of a long and productive relationship”.

Kathryn Phillips

Head of Process Improvement, People and Organisation Development

“Moore – Excellent again. Throughout the entire journey from Foundation to Advanced BB Tools it has been a pleasure! Many thanks Moore for the help/support, knowledge and humour throughout. Excellent training that has developed real knowledge and understanding.”

Neil Waggott


(Advanced Black Belt Tools programme)

“Would thoroughly recommend the course to others, have learned huge amounts and really enjoyed it.”

Alana Harper

(Black Belt programme)

South Street GP Surgery – Kai-Sigma Rapid Improvement approach focussed on improving patient experience in South Street GP Surgery, Bishop Stortford.

Multiple events with carefully managed impact on use of extremely busy surgery resources

Benefits included:

    • major reductions in patient waiting time
    • significant changes to “back office” workflow to eliminate delays and multiple hand-offs
    • Real changes to staff morale and sense of “I can make a difference”
    • Skills transfer in practical change tools

We used to have ideas but it would take months if not years to implement anything… and now we have done this in a few weeks

Dr. Mark Jenns

“Being able to speak directly to the course tutor, before I booked onto the course was invaluable.”

Ann Eason

National Manager for Pathology Service Improvement

“A very complete course that provides knowledge in all the tools that one can use to encourage continuous improvement in an organisation.”

Jose Hernandez,

(Green Belt programme)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and thought it was facilitated well”

Aroosa Sajjad,

(Green Belt Training)

“A democratic style made for good interaction in the group by the trainer. The training content was very good with a mixture of academic material and trainers’ experience” 

Keith Baldwin

(Green Belt Training)

“Big thank you for our green belt training which you delivered this week.

As I mentioned, I was a little disappointed at first that it wasn’t going to be Martin or Jo, but as it happened you were equally as great. Catalyst must have helluva a recruitment policy”

Mark Canning

Senior Area Manager

“Thank you for arranging such a great course yesterday.  It was really interesting and engaging and had everyone’s attention.  It’s the first time that I’ve not seen a graveyard shift in the afternoon.  If only all training courses were like that one.”

Andrea Taylor

Programme Support Specialist

Michelle Egan

Centre of Excellence


“Very impressive knowledge of the subject; both the theory and real-life examples which make up a very interesting and relevant experience. Delivery very helpful – mixture of slides, words, anecdotes and videos. Very pleasant environment.”

David Hemington

(Lean Six Sigma Green Belt)

“Very positive and good relevant examples of each step and tool. Pace good, and good recaps at end of each stage and start of the day. Nice mix of slides, exercises and video. Great to have books and memory stick tools to support practical use of the tools. Good use of different slide content to address different learning styles.”

Debbie Walker

(Green Belt programme)

“Good pace, content and Barbara gave real like examples were relevant and interesting”

Emma Jane

Yellow Belt Training – Sept 2018

“Barbara very good trainer, breezed through things that most people knew about, was responsive to the group. Worthwhile and I can see myself using the techniques in the future”

Robert Shakespeare

Yellow Belt Training – Sept 2018

“The delivery was fresh and exciting with lots of practical examples. Slides and pocket guide/book extremely useful. Very relevant to my organisation, definite ways to push things forward.”

Abid Mohammed

(Lean Six Sigma Awareness programme)

“Good pace without compromising the quality of the delivery of the course, Moore integrated well with the team. Good balance of theory and practice. Content well defined and easy to use. Totally conducive for learning.”

Liz Roberts

(Green Belt)

I recently completed a LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt Course with Catalyst Consulting, what a fantastic course!!Both the Trainer and method of delivery were second to none, the trainer had a vast amount of experience in DMAIC projects and was able to paint the perfect picture which allowed us to understand how to practically apply our new found skills in industry/work areas. A highly recommended course and training provider!

Ryan Veal

ES Systems Warrant Officer

(Green Belt programme)

“An extremely well presented and informative day that has given just the right insight to allow me to sell Lean Six Sigma to my management. Highly recommended to anyone seeking to improve their work. Exceptionally pleasant presenters. Many thanks.”

Iain Davey

(Lean Six Sigma Awareness programme)

Local Government

Kent County Council
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Cambridgeshire County Council

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“Really well paced, interesting, good exercises. Great materials, going to find it all very useful and the USB pen is brilliant. Everything I wanted and more. Best course I’ve been on and the most useful to me in the workplace. More confidence in doing things properly now and realising ‘real’ benefits.”

Andy Stephen

(Green Belt programme)

“Very impressed with the techniques and methods used.”

Pani Kothandapani

(Green Belt programme)

“Very good delivery style, kept our attention and us engaged the whole day. Liked the activities, broke up the theory. Great materials! Great overview covering theorists and even statistics which I coped with – I usually switch off to standard deviation but understand it now! Pleasant room, refreshments and good lunch.”

Pauline Amour-Barclay

(Lean Six Sigma Awareness programme)

“Trainer was very clear and personable, obviously knew the subject very well. A good balance of ‘talk and chalk’ and practical exercises. Materials were spot on – not too much to confuse. Very well balanced course – one of the best!”

Derek Russell

(Green Belt programme)

“Good mixture of classwork and practical with many examples, anecdotes and plenty of class participation. An entertaining mixture of slides, videos and food based practicals. Plus good manuals. The content was well designed for the course, its objectives and its duration. Comfortable location. Excellent lunches!”

Craig Blyth

(Green Belt programme)

“Excellent trainer who was able to adopt the course to the pace of delegates, but still impart the correct level of knowledge. Practical exercises very good. Very good use of supportive materials.”

Norman Kurzman

(Green Belt programme)

“Nice size group, lots of opportunities to discuss issues. The course was really useful, provided me with information on how to improve key issues within my organisation. Will be recommending that a number of people from my organisation attend the training.”

Natalie Anderson,

(Green Belt programme)

Click Below to read our case study.

Click Below to read our case study.

“Engaging, make course interesting and kept me awake. Glad slides were interjected with exercises and short films/stories which made it interesting. Materials were of good quality and good source of reference.”

Claire Wenford

(Yellow Belt programme)

“Excellent! A good balance of light hearted approach but getting the message across. Excellent documentation to cover the course and beyond.”

Richard Impey

(Yellow Belt programme)

Fantastic course delivered.

Would highly recommend this company.

Kerry Coyne

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Click Below to read our case study.

Construction and Property

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Balfour Beatty
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“Good balance of theory and exercises. Good interaction and opportunity to ‘speak out’ and contribute. Useful, good reference documents. In-depth, certainly thought provoking and applicable to Interserve.”

Simon Walton

(Green Belt Programme)

“Very good, experienced and knowledgeable trainer. Easy to listen to and put complex theories in a simple, understandable way. A lot to work in a short period. It was good to have learning interspersed with activities. Good to have real examples, would like more. Overall, very good course. Lunches excellent, will strongly recommend to others.”

Chris Payne

(Stats 2)

“Rob Row was very good and made it entertaining. Relaxed and enjoyable. Materials were comprehensive and will be a big help.”

Jamie Bowen

(Green Belt Programme)

“Good communicator, very knowledgeable/experienced. Good use of examples and videos helped reinforce principles. Quality materials, Go Lean book will be useful for future reference. Covered a wide range of principles, many of which are directly relevant to our industry.”

Peter Gilbert

(Lean Solutions)

Consultancy, Training & Education Services

Anglia Ruskin University
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“Both presenters had a great level of knowledge and expertise. The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Guide – great to take on projects. Really enjoyed the content, makes me want to sign up for a more intensive course straight away. Wonderful course, I will definitely recommend it.”

Heather Valine

(Lean Six Sigma Awareness programme)

“Approached everything with humour and knowledge. Good mix of listening, participation and fun activities. Good materials. Easy to look back through.”

Lynn Hardie

(Green Belt programme)

Marks enthusiastic approach to teaching was very engaging and made learning easy. Mark was easy to talk to and open to questions creating a good working environment

Sean John

(Green Belt programme)

Top Class! Very engaging delivery from Mark. The addition of interesting exercises was perfect

Steve Jordan

(Green Belt programme)

Mark was very good. Excellent engagement with the group and suitable variation in activities to keep group interested. Marks experience has been shared and is greatly appreciated.

Andrew Jones

(Green Belt programme)

Marks enthusiastic approach to teaching was very engaging and made learning easy. Mark was easy to talk to and open to questions creating a good working environment.

Sean John

(Green Belt programme)

“Good balance of doing exercises and using participants knowledge. Liked the physical exercises!”

Dr John Broome

(Lean Solutions programme)

Martin – Perfect.  Fun and Informative. Lean Six Sigma – Excellent clear basic tuition – very useful – I understand Sigma! Materials – excellent. Content – excellent. Delivery – Pitched at the right level to remember to use. Found it very interesting and enjoyable”

Jon Lane

(Yellow Belt Course)

“Moore is the type of trainer that makes you want to carry out Six Sigma and also recommend it to others.”

Robert Black

(Advanced Black Belt Tools)

“Very personable and open communication style. Materials were very comprehensive, especially enjoyed the hands-on ball experiments”

Sophie Breslin

(Advanced Green Belt)

“Excellent walk through of the process and brought it to life well. Materials will be a good reference guide. Good coverage of Stats versus other similar courses. Learnt some new techniques. Excellent facilitation by Rob.”

Neil Winkworth

Green Belt programme

“I would use Catalyst again for my training or others training and development needs”

Dave Jones

(Green Belt programme)

Financial & Law Services

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“Visual, verbal and method all completely at the correct level. Books and visual, well documented and easy to understand. Content is perfect for my new role. Friendly and well maintained environment. Really enjoyed and will be using this training as soon as able to.”

Gill Slade

“Very knowledgeable and passionate about the opportunities that this training could bring to changing the culture and way of thinking.”

R Enfield

(Yellow Belt)

“This is an excellent course for anyone involved in process management, delivered by a high quality organisation.”

Helen McEwan

(Green Belt programme)

“Great job conveying course in such a short time – 6 days. Excellent materials, good mix of visuals, exercises, examples, flipcharts, stories etc. Incredibly informative, shown stuff I would never have considered or thought of. See how it can be applied to my role/area/team, etc.”

Dale Troyson

(Green Belt programme)

“Method was ideal, well split up and a large number of examples really help to understand the subject. Materials were extremely good, well thought out and clear to go through. Content was very good, felt that at a really good level. A very good course.”

Steven Crowther

“Marie-Helene was an excellent trainer who brought the content of the course alive with fabulous stories and examples, her passion is infectious and her approach is a breath of fresh air”.

Eileen Brown

It was good to hear from personal experiences of different deployments in different industries and cultures. A good mix of talk and exercises and a good informal approach where we were all free to contribute and share best practice. Really liked the focus in on some of the ‘softer’ skills required.

Caroline Holyhead

(Deployment Event)

Excellent trainer. Fantastic, took the course at our pace, diverted to alternative projects when needed to. Brilliant materials which I will no doubt use again. Covered everything I needed and more. Will absolutely be wanting to attend a further course.

Emma Star

(Green Belt programme)

“Absolutely wonderful trainer, clever, bright, personable, entertaining and set at a very good pace. Lots of psychology and theory as well as some ‘live’ examples, all of which really made great sense. Materials guide clear, relevant and almost an idiot’s guide in the nicest possible sense of the word – great. Fabulous content, in-depth and again, all relevant. Great location and easy to get to. I loved this course and normally would have zoned out by 3pm on day one, but I was still bright eyed and bushy tailed at the end, that’s a first! Many thanks and looking forward to part two.”

Fiona Scott

(Green Belt)

“There are any number of companies providing Six Sigma consultancy and training. Catalyst were unique in being able to provide material tailored to the Financial Services industry, and consultants who have relevant, practical experience that they could relate to people in different roles and at all levels. Their style is supportive, but not condescending, and they bring a touch of humour that is refreshing when considering applied statistics!”

Estelle Clark

Quality Director

“An inspiring training provider!

We had training on Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt – a serious topic but made fun and enjoyable! I would recommend Catalyst to anyone out there for their training needs!”

Samuel Hayes

Catalyst Consulting was chosen to conduct our Lean Six Sigma Training from 3-4 other companies. I like their entire approach on understanding what we wanted to achieve from the course and how they can do this by also relating the content to our businesses. The follow through included several conversations to understand the content and logistics for the day (we were training 2 large groups). The pre-reading material arrived prior to the course with plenty of time for members to review the book. The course was delivered by Mark Jones who was fantastic as a trainer in engaging the group and delivering the content. The exercises were great and overall there were many “penny drop” moments throughout the course on what we should be doing as a business.

Omar Qamar

like the way it’s listening an interactive, extremely enjoyed the Lego experience. Really enjoyed the experience and would love to move up to Green Belt

Joanne Dewhurst

Legal Executive

(yellow belt)

Based on actual business examples & challenges. Outstanding, it got me thinking in ways I would never have considered previously

Nafeel Aslam

head of Finance

(yellow belt)

Excellent training methods, both auditory and visual. Highly engaging throughout both days; would highly recommend

Hussan Ijaz

Finance Manager

(yellow belt)

Very interactive classes, great tool and techniques that have created a great toolbox of business. Fantastic book used in training and very useful outside of the training room. I completed Prince II and found Lean-Six Sigma to be much more relevant. Mark is fantastic, very relevant stories and manner to convey the material. Amazing amount of experience across the business world.

Darren Greenacre

Product Manager

(Green Belt Programme)

“Andrew was extremely helpful and offered extra time for tutoring/coaching. Always happy to re-explain and trained at a good pace. Excellent course material”

Gemma Belcher

(Green Belt)

Materials easy to use and follow – very in-depth. Really enjoyed it, pushed me out of my comfort zone.”

Evelyn Campbell

(Green Belt)

“The course attracted a mix of international delegates from service and manufacturing organisations which stimulated great discussions that helped to absorb the application of Lean SS Techniques. The tutor delivered the course to an exceptionally high standard, carefully paced and with good balance between classroom and practical sessions. He was a highly experienced Master BB who had great mastery of Minitab and the ability to de-mystify the statistical side along with extensive consulting exposure. His teaching used many real life examples. He showed keen interest in each delegate and the challenges they faced in their projects offering ideas and helping to get started and build confidence. The course also included a really valuable session on the soft aspects of change management. Thank you Catalyst.”

Sue Birch

Excellent course content and extremely well delivered through the use of teaching, group discussions as well as practical and enjoyable exercises. Highly recommended.

David Clarke

(Yellow Belt Programme)

With these sorts of training it is about a lot of information, which could be hard to transfer. However Mark is able to provide perfect mixture of exercises in theory. Added value, very professional. I absolutely loved it, I am very eager to learn much more!

Perfect mix of theory and interaction with examples. Very, very useful. Very stimulating, makes you want to start and practice instantly

Deborah Voorbij

Head of Risk

(Sponsor/Champions, Yellow belt)

Extremely good; practical approach helping me to “get things done”.

Annemiek de Roo

Business Implementation Manager


Mark is one of the best or the best trainer I have ever come across. Energy wise, knowledge, ability to teach.

Saskia van Delft

HR Manager

(Yellow Belt Programme)

great approach, smooth flow from one subject to another. Great job from the trainer on bringing the subjects into our minds. Clear and concrete

Pablo Oblitas Bustamante

Head of Partnerships

(Yellow Belt Programme)

“Rob Row, really knowledgeable, helpful and friendly, very good trainer. Good mix of PowerPoint slides and Minitab practice. Helpful materials. Good content, very relevant and usable. Really enjoyed the course and found it extremely helpful.”

Ben Edge

Very interesting and helpful training.

Mark is very thorough.

Liam Jackson

“Catalyst has a wealth of knowledge on process improvement and the use of the Business Excellence Model. I feel they are well placed to help any organisation to measure and improve their performance.”

Nick Davies

(Corporate Training Manager)

“Probably the best course I’ve been on so far with the group”

Adam Baron

Head of RTA

(yellow belt)

Food and Consumer Goods

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Bidfood Logo
Ginsters Logo

As part of a certification skill program for over 100 individuals being made redundant, we had Catalyst create a bespoke training program for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. The program took place over a 12 week period. They were very flexible with starting times and the content they delivered was excellent. All of the trainers were very knowledgeable and great to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality training program.

Chris Roberts

(Green Belt programme)

Linda made the training very simple to understand

David P

(Green Belt programme)

“The mix between knowledge and theory is very good. The trainers have a good balance of the theory and practical working experience.”

Jim Lennon

(Lean Solutions programme)

Chris Merriman – an excellent trainer and very knowledgeable. I feel this has truly changed my outlook and provided me with the tools to succeed in Continuous Improvement

John Whalen

(Green Belt Training)

Chris Merriman was very knowledgeable and was able to put principles into context through personal experience. Chris was also very approachable and friendly. The training has been very energising and can be applied to absolutely everywhere. I’m very excited about the future and want to say a huge “Thank You” to Chris, it was great and I will always think “what would the sheep do?

Stacey Dunkinson

(Green Belt Training)

“Thought the two trainers were extremely knowledgeable. Also, having two different trainers helped to break up the delivery of material. Enjoyed the delivery. Good mix of slides, video and showing of real life examples. Good mix of materials. The prompt card is a very good idea. Very good content. Thought provoking. Am now alot clearer on how I could apply Lean Six Sigma in my business.”

Carmel Sexton

(Lean Six Sigma Awareness programme)

“PowerPoint was very clear and exercises relevant to learning points. Relevant to my expectations – simple and easy to understand. Great training venue. A thought provoking day providing lots of discussion points to take back to the workplace.”

Rebecca Hanly

Stimulating day. Enjoy the method of delivery and have taken a lot away from it

Donald Matheson

Head of Chilled and Frozen Supply Chain

(Senior Executive awareness)

“PowerPoint was very clear and exercises relevant to learning points. Relevant to my expectations – simple and easy to understand. Great training venue. A thought provoking day providing lots of discussion points to take back to the workplace.”

Rebecca Hanly

“Linda was easy to understand, demonstrating how to use tools in a real-life situation. Thanks for making it interesting and applications to our business”.

Donna McCalman

(Green Belt Training)

“Linda had very good knowledge about Lean Six Sigma, and lots of examples from experience and related to our business profile”

Michal Sikora

(Green Belt Training)

“Excellent training over two days, very relevant to current business, can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned”

Ash Mehmood

(Yellow belt)

“Delivery was good especially combination of videos, PowerPoint and syndicate exercises. Interesting materials, came across things I had never heard of. Thorough content and great as a future reference when I then apply the tools. Good location, hotel comfortable, food was great, staff at hotel pleasant. Course was well delivered by a knowledgeable practitioner.”

Nyari Muguti

(Green Belt programme)

“Marie-Helene is an excellent communicator, engaging and includes the whole room in discussions”

Chris Edward

(Yellow Belt programme)

“Marie-Helene was very clear and precise, very knowledgeable”

Lee Rollinson

(Yellow Belt programme)

“Fantastic training a real eye-opener, looking forward to implement”

Luke Clayton

Head of European Development

(yellow belt)

“Easily relatable to business and real life, fun and engaging. This course was fantastic!”

Emma Kavanagh

Operations Director

(yellow belt)

IT and Telecoms

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“Very good method. Loved the pocket guides for communicating to the rest of business. Excellent examples – good variety of examples and delegates. Very relevant course, a lot of information to get through, great networking opportunity.”

Josephine Chukwuemeka

(Advanced Black Belt Tools)

“I found the BIZ site an excellent point of reference to refresh my memory after I attended the Stats course. It’s simple to use, well presented and covers all the key elements I need to assist me with my Lean Sigma projects. It’s as good as having additional resource in the team and more available than my sponsor!”

David Champion

“Catalyst have given us the tools, the support, and the relationship which actually makes it more fun and you can see the benefit of what’s in it for us….. its been delivered as a very integrated and good experience to be part of.”

Sue Billington,

Head of Programmes, Next Generation Contact Centres

Catalyst Consulting delivered exceptional training, I couldn’t be happier and feel that I got value for my investment.

Lucy Melton

“Marie-Helene is very knowledgeable, energic and skilled as a trainer”

Dean Westbrook

(Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – 2018)

“Rita Green, very experienced, excellent communicator”

Dean Westbrook

(Change Management – 2018)

“Collaborating with Catalyst, we did the best thing ever!”

Olivier Gomez

Europe Service Delivery Director

My Week spent with Jo was hugely educational and ive seen and learnt excellent use for the tools provided. The course venue was amazing ive never been so well catered for at a training venue. The after market support from catalyst is second to none. I hope to be passing my test and BQF very soon.

Andrew Kelly

“Moore really knows his stuff and was able to explain difficult concepts using real world examples and was able to adapt them to specific C&W examples. A good balance of exercises and presentation. Very good reference docs. The content covers quite a lot of information and techniques, many of which can be used immediately. Environment was casual and fun.”

Chris Elam

(Green Belt)

Rob Row is a very good, approachable and knowledgeable trainer. 10/10

Helen Allatt

(Green Belt, in house)

Lots of content to take in, good group exercises. Rob was very clear and informative. 10/10

Jess White

(Advanced Green belt, in house)

“Excellent use of experience to explain concepts.”

Martin Littler

(Lean Six Sigma Awareness programme)

“Marie-Helene  does an excellent job of keeping it interesting. It is a very intense course as there is a lot to cover but broken down well. Plenty of reference materials for me to use.”

Jade Graham

(Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – 2018)

“Excellent, especially with having the pen drive with tools on. Informative and has provided me with a new way of looking at work and achieving the right results.”

Teresa Horne

(Lean Six Sigma programme)

“John’s easy going and relaxed approach meant that everyone felt comfortable and could join in and be open and honest. The flow and the pace of the course was excellent. Slides and practical activities worked well and helped embed the understanding. The materials supplied were excellent. The memory stick is a definite ‘delighter’!”

Janet Barrett

(Lean Six Sigma programme)

“One of the best (and most appropriate) courses I have been on.”

Thomas Kerrigan

(Lean Six Sigma programme)

“Mark was spot on with this, tailoring to the group’s needs and relying on our feedback to plan ahead. Materials covered with in depth and Mark gave us plenty of additional data sources to assist with our learning. Full on, but fantastic; the best course I’ve been on – this is down to both my interest in Lean-Six Sigma but also how Mark delivered this course”

Stuart Wilson

Customer Administration Manager

(Green Belt )

“I enjoyed the method very much, or the examples and group exercises helped me in processing the information. Everything is very useful and I can’t wait to put into practice. Jo and Mark are great professionals, full of ideas and inspiration.”

Tihomir Utev

Pre-Sales Consultant

(Yellow Belt)

“The training was really well delivered and I felt that I take a lot away from the stories relayed of what situations we can use the lean approach.”

Becky Walton

Document Workflow Consultant

(Yellow Belt)

“Thought provoking, a good overview to be able to promote the concepts.”

Andrew Cheeseman

(Lean Six Sigma Executive Awareness Course)

“Catalyst have given us excellent support in designing a programme that is tailored to fit our values and business needs.They have been particularly useful in helping us think about how to make the programme sustainable and the reaction to their initial training has been to create a very strong ‘pull’ from the operations to get more people involved.”

Sandra Fazackerley

Operations Manager

“Very knowledgeable about the subject and content, and truly believed the benefits it will bring to the business. Informative and relevant, engaging throughout.”

Joe Brownless

(Lean Six Sigma Awareness Day)

“Excellent, by day 2 I had learnt something which will save me days in my normal work.”

A Ainley

(Green Belt programme)

The mix of practical and theoretical learning worked very well, and there was plenty of discussion. Lots of practical things to take away, Mark was always happy to discuss of real-world problems too.

Thank you! The best course I’ve been on for a very long time.

Harry Stephenson

(Green Belt Programme)

The course was superbly delivered. Mark was a great teacher and definitely got the best out of the group.

Jayne Cooper

(Green Belt Programme)

I really enjoyed the six days overall. In parts struggled with the maths Mark explain this well. Covered all my objectives are set out beginning of the course with some tools and techniques that I can start using straight away. Mark is such a refreshing trainer and have my full attention for the full six days. At the same energy at 9 AM until 5 PM – well worth the time out of my day job.

Emma Kelly

(Green Belt Programme)

Manufacturing and Engineering

Volvo Logo
Copper Vision Logo
Rolls-Royce Logo
BAE Systems Logo

“Excellent pace – useful insight into some tools and techniques that have enormous potential to make significant changes to a business.”

Graeme Booth

(Green Belt)

“You have been a great help to us on our improvement journey, and I look forward to working with you this year.”

Jerry Hall,

Director – Operations

“As the name suggests, Catalyst really does enable results.”

Geert Bruyneel

Director of Quality Care

excellent, good mix of theory, exercise and practice….. Useful methods to using real-life. I would recommend this course to anyone in opposition who wants to improve what they already have

Christine Territt

HR & IT Controller

(Green Belt Programme)

The Agile Framework course gave my team the skills and tools needed to completely revolutionise the way we run product development. We are now combining best practice from the software industry and LSS to deliver high technology products.

Jolyon Tidmarsh

Technology Director

(Agile Programme)

“Lean Six Sigma is a difficult subject to cover effectively in 4 days, but the pace was very good. Good use of exercises, videos, flip chart and slides to keep everyone’s attention. Good level of content. Comfortable environment, good lunch and coffee options. The course was very informative and I would recommend it to others.”

Karen Fitchett

“Covers everything I think I will need for a Black Belt project.”

Andrew Donnelly,

(Black Belt programme)

“The trainer was very knowledgeable – thorough understanding of subject matter. Detailed and broad based content – excellent. A good/varied blend of people from varying work backgrounds demonstrating applicability of methods to ‘broad’ processes”.

David Haddow

(Green Belt)

Valuable learnings, specific to our business, providing a great starter into Continuous Improvement. Thanks Mark!

Matthew Lucas

IT Lead for EMEA

(Yellow belt)

“Absolutely brilliant trainer. Very clear and happy to discuss real life scenarios. Booklet very good and will keep for future reference. Been given a good understanding of Six Sigma.”

Sue Whalley

(Lean Six Sigma Awareness programme)

“Good balance between theory and practical exercises. Prep work was good and all theories, etc were explained well throughout the 3 days. Can see the benefit and can take alot back into the workplace.”

M Potter

“I’ve learnt how to practically use the tools I need to run a successful project. Thank you.”

Andrew Bradbury

Something unique about Catalyst is their confidence to link fellow customers together to share experiences.  There is nothing more rewarding than being listened to and understood by others and the best bits copied.  Catalyst have made a significant contribution to CooperVision’s future and we look forward to building on our successes together.

John Cole,

Senior Engineering Manager – Operational Excellence Group

Mark is excellent to presenting this training, the real-world examples were good to help reinforce the benefits of doing this work and Mark was checking regularly that everyone understood the subject matter.

(Yellow belt)

Great approach using lots of different ideas which is great! Really interesting, like the real-life examples

(Yellow belt to Green belt upgrade)

Dean Cavill

Process and Projects Engineer

Very detailed and structured, clear. Full of useful information. User-friendly, explained in very nice and understandable way

Michal Bartunek

Manager Supply Chain

(Yellow belt to Green belt upgrade)

Mark’s delivery was exceptional, he communicated clear concise information whilst constantly involving all members of the group and reflected on personal experience in several different sectors

James Boros

Production Operator

(Yellow belt)

Really appreciate the energy and the organisation of the training, games and video.

Jean-Denis Girardier

Manufacturing Director Europe + India

(Yellow belt)

“Great Learning environment, I look forward to doing the exam and certification”.

Alicia Arrand

(Advanced Black Belt Tools)

“lots of real life examples delivered with enthusiasm throughout by Marie-Helene”

Christopher Berkley

(Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – Sept 18)

“Thank you Moore, the course provided all the missing elements from previous training courses and was a useful reference.”

Gareth Web

(Green Belt)

“Six Sigma is a systematic approach with defined structures and methods, but it is the people who carry it, built on management commitment and participant skills, enthusiasm and endurance. Therefore implementing Six Sigma has a lot to do with making things happen through sensing the right direction in different national and organisational cultures Catalyst has that rare and unique ability.”

esper Knudsen

(Six Sigma Programme Leader)

“Thoroughly enjoyed course. Great information, delivered at a good pace. Plenty of tools to use back in the workplace.”

Tim Colclough

Shift Manager

(Yellow belt)

“There is more to Six Sigma deployment than just the effective use of the tools. As a MBB deploying Six Sigma across our global business, the combination of the Healthcheck and the Masterclass course gave me a comprehensive deployment framework to align, confirm and communicate our Six Sigma strategy.”

Ian Smith

(Six Sigma Programme Leader)

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies

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Glaxo Smith Kline
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Roche Logo

“Tailored to our needs, good flexibility with mixing and matching course to delegates capabilities.”

Ros Morris

(Green Belt programme)

“Good examples and experience to bring principles to life.”

Dawn Dyer

(Green Belt programme)

“Valuable training, effective trainer and useful hand-outs! I’m now ready to apply DFSS in the business.”

Simon Blackett

(DFSS programme)

“Very personal and presented in a professional but relaxed manner. Sigma methodology very interesting and for me personally, pulls together many areas of my work into a more structured format. Glad that tools and template were supplied to make the course more visual. All areas of business covered and was interesting how this system works across all businesses, not just manufacturing. Great venue, especially if you are travelling from the North.”

Duncan Gilding

(Green Belt programme)

“Enthusiastic and lots of real world experience of using Six Sigma. Good use of exercises and group discussion.”

Linda Murray

(Green Belt programme)

“Very knowledgeable, a wealth of experience and put message across in an understandable way. Materials useful for reflecting on and making reference to. Hotel was a really good environment. Definitely wet my appetite for more.”

Simon Parkinson

(Lean Six Sigma Awareness programme)

“Friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable made the complicated seem simple.”

Jon Cripwell

“Very good. I have struggled to understand Sigma for some time, but the examples, language and support now means I have a full understanding of the course content. Good examples and explanation of how to use Minitab .”

Jessica Hay

(Advanced Green Belt programme)

I have recently been awarded my yellow belt and wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to Helen Smith. Helen conducted our training back in November, following on from this I applied my learnings to projects which I regularly discussed with Helen. The lean six Sigma course has developed not only my skills, but also aided in the interaction I have with my customers. The methodical approach has generated great interest and has allowed me to access and support customers needs around improvement.

Helen has been amazing throughout my certifications, the general support and coaching she has given has made a huge difference and impact on my work. I have also started applying the Improvement process to the internal organisation, again where Helen has guided me on techniques and tools. I believe Helen is an asset to Catalyst, she is approachable, professional , methodical and a great coach…always really cheerful.

Mahira Jabeen

Chris was excellent. Just found relating to my role beneficial but loved the washing machine analogy!

Monika Kennedy

“Materials, delivery and presentation was excellent. Training and location was the best I have experienced.”

Jan Sliney

(Stats 1 & 2)

“The trainer explained relatively complicated material in a clear, simple and logical fashion using a comfortable pace. The use of hands on examples combined with the PowerPoint slides and flipchart examples works very well. Covered everything we would possibly need, plus more.”

M Ridgett

(Advanced Green Belt programme)

Transport and Logistics

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Tube Lines

Excellent trainer, would highly recommend. Fun, energetic, kept the ‘dry’ parts of the course interesting. I have been on lots of different courses, but really felt that I had learnt something new.

Jenny Clegg

(Green Belt programme)

Unique! Very engaging and made the course thoroughly enjoyable. Good balance between theory and practice. Pitched at right level for Green Belt.

Graham Wilkes

(Green Belt programme)

Excellent use of practical examples and games to bring Six Sigma to life. Really enjoyed the course and know that I can apply it.

Ceri Summer

(Green Belt programme)

Many thanks, well facilitated. Good method, relaxed approach. Good balance of group and theory work.”

Neil Pritchard

(Green Belt programme)

Trainer handled awkward questions and challenging personalities well and in a tactful and efficient manner. Good mix of presentation and practical exercises. Good, comprehensive materials.

Ross Clarke

(Design for Six Sigma)

Excellent job, keeping attention up, very good communication. Clear method, especially on more challenging stuff. No questions went unanswered. Plenty of examples in content

Elisabetta Tiziano

(Design for Six Sigma)

Very well delivered by a trainer with extensive experience of the subject. Kept it interesting by mixing slides with videos and exercises. Kept it light and interesting and delivered at a good pace.

A Buttery

The Catalyst Lean Six Sigma training was really excellent. Highly tailored to our needs and thought provoking. A great mix of new tools, new perspectives and guidance on practical application to help us design better solutions for our customers.”

Gary Keatings, Director

Trainers were extremely accessible and full of life experiences that drive home the point of Change Management, more so than any other course material. The materials used were quite thought provoking and original. It helped visualise the theory. Really enjoyed it, it has been great and insightful to get to know what other people are doing.

Maria Santos

Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and clear in explanations. Good variation in approach, use of examples, video’s and exercises to support theory. Quality materials to support the course – plenty of reference material to use afterwards. Great location and facilities. Excellent course overall, can’t wait to get back into the office to put it into practice!”

Elsbeth Hanson

(Advanced Black Belt Tools programme)

Very good, keen to answer candidate specific queries relating to their work/project. Method was good, this final course really cemented what we did previously. Thanks, a great course, I can’t wait to put it into practise!

Heather Payne

(Advanced Black Belt Tools)

Excellent course. Thought provoking and relevant to the workplace. I can’t wait to get back to the office to try some of these techniques out.

Adrian Steventon

(Foundation Green Belt Programme)

Style was very good, explanations were well thought out.

Leigh Hallmark

I enjoyed working with Catalyst, they offered and delivered an excellent and flexible training program over a 3 month period.

Gary Kendall

Utilities, Energy and Waste Services

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ESB Networks Ireland

Very systematic – explained in clear steps with relevant exercises to put into practice what was being taught.  Set at the correct audience level – very open and honest and did not feel intimidated or embarrassed about asking questions.

Laura Whalen

Absolutely brilliant! Love the fact that no matter how many questions I ask, Mark always has a great example to explain it in a different way. His enthusiasm for the topic is second to none and really aids a productive learning environment. Mark made what potentially was a dry topic to be extremely interesting and relevant.

I Johnson,

Friendly, interactive delivery. Humorous and great explanations to all questions. Clear to follow booklet. Content structured well, despite some hard theories.

Joe Gumersall

Excellent, especially with the memory stick.

B. Hamsworth

(Change Management)

We were interested in speeding up project delivery as initial projects were taking longer than expected… …that was our original thinking, but the course has given us an awful lot more, particularly at acknowledging the deliverables

Delegates from the ESB CI team

(Agile Programme)

The ability of ESB Customer Supply to acquire the knowledge and skills required to improve our process optimisation approach using Six Sigma has been greatly enhanced by the professional and dedicated support we received throughout from Catalyst Consulting.

ESB Project Manager


Before I participated in the course I did a bit of amateur research on Lean Six Sigma (as you do) and was of the opinion I was going to struggle through six days on what appeared to be a fairly “dry” subject.


Not a bit of it!


Marie-Helen’s delivery of the training was exceptional. She clearly has a comprehensive understanding of the subject and was able to deal easily with any of our questions. She made the subject interesting and informative by using practical examples, stories, anologies and of course a fair degree of good humour. I am certain that my own personal training experience was enhanced by having MH deliver it.


You have a real asset there…..but I suspect you know that!


Jim Armstrong, Lead Scientist

(Green Belt Programme)

Mark Jones, very engaging, great anecdotes and hugely knowledgeable, excellent. Will be an important toolkit to our organisation

Brendan Robb

Senior Research & Development Scientist

(Green Belt Programme)

“very easy to follow – lots of examples and always linking back to other tools discussed. Helped to understand appreciably”

Catriona Black

Managing Change – 2018