Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Background Catalyst Trust Pilot Catalyst Trust Pilot Arrived this morning knowing very little about Lean Six Sigma. Now more confident, the subject was delivered in an informal and easy to understand and relate to. Level of knowledge this morning was 1 out of 5, after training, now 4 out of 5. Trish Mullen Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Background Catalyst Trust Pilot Catalyst Trust Pilot The delivery was fresh and exciting with lots of practical examples. Slides and pocket guide/book extremely useful. Very relevant to my organisation, definite ways to push things forward. Abid Mohammed Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Background Catalyst Trust Pilot Catalyst Trust Pilot Very good delivery style, kept our attention and us engaged the whole day. Liked the activities, broke up the theory. Great materials! Great overview covering theorists and even statistics which I coped with. I usually switch off to standard deviation but understand it now! Pauline Amour-Barclay Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Background Catalyst Trust Pilot Catalyst Trust Pilot Both presenters had a great level of knowledge and expertise. The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Guide – great to take on projects. Really enjoyed the content, makes me want to sign up for a more intensive course straight away. Wonderful course, I will definitely recommend it. Heather Valine Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Background Catalyst Trust Pilot Catalyst Trust Pilot Thought the two trainers were extremely knowledgeable.Enjoyed the delivery. Good mix of slides, video and showing of real life examples. Good mix of materials. Very good content. Thought provoking. Am now a lot clearer on how I could apply Lean Six Sigma in my business. Carmel Sexton Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Background Catalyst Trust Pilot Catalyst Trust Pilot Stimulating day. Enjoy the method of delivery and have taken a lot away from it. Donald Matheson Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Background Catalyst Trust Pilot Catalyst Trust Pilot Very knowledgeable about the subject and content, and truly believed the benefits it will bring to the business. Informative and relevant, engaging throughout Joe Brownless Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Background Catalyst Trust Pilot Catalyst Trust Pilot Absolutely brilliant trainer. Very clear and happy to discuss real life scenarios. Booklet very good and will keep for future reference. Been given a good understanding of Six Sigma. Sue Whalley LEAN SIX SIGMA AWARENESS
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This popular one-day programme will provide an understanding of the principles behind Lean Six Sigma. An overview of how Lean Six Sigma is typically undertaken in organisations and an introduction to some of the tools presented within the DMAIC improvement approach.

This course can be studied self-paced, online or we can deliver it to larger groups of people in virtual classrooms or on-site. For groups, we can make it bespoke – using relevant project examples/exercises – highly participative, and entertaining.

Gain an understanding of the concepts, philosophy and benefits of Lean Six Sigma.

Learn how Lean Six Sigma is typically undertaken in organisations.

Learn how Lean Six Sigma can be applied to roles, responsibilities and projects.

Practical application of the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) approach and how to use it.

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Programme

Make the Right Choice...

lean six sigma training white belt logo

Lean Six Sigma White Belt training provides an overview of Lean Six Sigma and is used to inform and engage a broad population within an organisation as an essential component of the Lean Six Sigma deployment.

The Online White Belt training programme introduces the key principles of Lean Six Sigma and demonstrates how it is applied in practice via the DMAIC problem solving approach and tools.

Programme Outline

  • An understanding of the principles and approach of Lean Six Sigma
  • An overview of how Lean Six Sigma is typically undertaken in organisations, including a look at roles, responsibilities, and project selection
  • An introduction to some of the tools, presented within the DMAIC improvement approach emphasising the seven wastes and value add/non-value add process steps

Who is this course for?

  • The general employee population in an organisation which is deploying Lean Six Sigma – it will provide an understanding and encourage their engagement in supporting projects and the introduction of process improvements
  • Those likely to be Subject Matter Expert members of Yellow and Green Belt project teams – it will explain the DMAIC approach and some tools that they will be using
  • Managers who need a basic overview of what others are engaged in in the business
  • If you have heard of Lean Six Sigma and want to get a little more information quickly

Linked to the #1 Bestselling book Lean Six Sigma for Dummieswritten by Catalyst’s Jo Dowdall and Martin Brenig-Jones

Participants will learn the following on Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training:

  • Gain a basic understanding of the principles and fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma
  • Understand some of the language and ‘jargon’ associated with Lean Six Sigma as it is demystified and brought to life
  • Learn about the roles and responsibilities involved in a Lean Six Sigma programme
  • Gain an awareness of the rest of the Lean Six Sigma toolkit
Understand the fundamentals of LSS
Learn the DMAIC process
Lean Six Sigma Toolkit
  • The need for different thinking.
  • Key principles and a systematic approach.
  • Process thinking.
  • The importance of Change Management.
  • How Lean Six Sigma is typically undertaken.
  • Project selection.
  • An introduction to:
    • Process definition (SIPOCs).
    • The voice of the customer.
    • Identifying and defining improvement opportunities.
    • Tackling waste (the seven wastes and more).
    • The importance of fact-based decision making.
    • Root cause analysis techniques.
    • Solution generation.
    • Sustaining improvements.
    • Managing change.
  • Introducing and deploying Lean Six Sigma.
  • There are opportunities for programme champions/sponsors from your organisation to kick off sessions and share key messages about the programme face to face, (or on video), and explain next steps.

The online white belt training programme is hosted on our state-of-the-art Learning Management System, “The Business Improvement Zone” (BIZ). Each delegate receives a unique logon.

The programme consists of a series of short video information modules with some exercises and case studies built in and a knowledge check at the end. The programme is sequenced, which means that each module must be completed before the next module is made available. Including the exercises and quiz, the duration of the programme is around 2 hours.

If you are managing a cohort group, we can provide feedback reports on delegates’ progress/completion status.

A printable set of materials can be downloaded.

Although White Belt training level certification is not available through the British Quality Foundation, the programme is accredited by the BQF Lean Six Sigma Academy and is aligned to Yellow and Green Belt Programmes. Catalyst certificates of completion are issued.

Training Options

For individual study or company programmes

Free 1hr Webinar

Catalyst’s Managing Director, Martin Brenig-Jones, co-author of Lean Six Sigma for Dummies introduces Lean Six Sigma

Friday 18th March 2022 at 11am


Online Self-paced

At a time to suit you

£40 plus VAT

Our accredited White Belt Course consists of a specially selected set of bite-sized videos and exercises providing an in depth overview of the principles and tools of Lean Six Sigma

Virtual or In-house 'Classroom'

A very popular one-day programme that can be delivered virtually or in-house

We can build bespoke programmes, focussing in on key ‘Everyday Excellence’ tools; programmes to create Awareness of the Continuous Improvement methodology adopted by your organisations, or programmes for global collaboration

Testimonials and Reviews

Consistently Excellent!

In-house programme for the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) 

  • “Great proactive useful session”. 
  • “Enthusiastic delivery and fun to be had”.
  • “Brilliant course – loved that it was so interactive and open”.
  • “Well worth doing”.
  • “Learning without feeling like we were learning”.
  • “Brilliant fun, great overview, increased our appetite for CI, great trainers providing much enthusiasm, please come again”.
  • “Good quality”.

In-house programme for Southern Water 

  • “Great pace”.
  • “Interactive ‘doing’ session really energised and engaged us”.
  • “Great interactive day, learnt so much”.
  • “Good mix of tools and techniques“.

FAQ and Contact Us

Our expert team is waiting to help you.

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How do I know this is the right course for me?

This course is suitable for employees at all levels of organisation of any kind – manufacturing and service. It can be tailored to Executive Groups, shop floor staff and mixed groups. If you’re not sure which course is best suited for you, give us a call today on  +44 (0)845 345 2282 or drop us a line on info@catalystconsulting.co.uk and we’ll call you back.

Are there any pre-requisites to the course?

No pre-requisites are required for our online Lean Six Sigma White Belt course. It provides a clear introduction for anyone new to Lean Six Sigma.

Do you offer discounts for groups?

Yes, we offer discounts for groups, please call us on  +44 (0)845 345 2282 for further information or email us at info@catalystconsulting.co.uk

Do I need a project to complete the course?

White Belt training does not equip delegates to lead their own projects. However, it is suitable for team members of Green and Black Belt projects and to engage employees when an organisation is building a Continuous Improvement culture.

Do I receive a training certificate?

Once you have completed the training you will receive a certificate of completion.

Can I upgrade to other courses after completion?

Yes! Now your ready to progress to yellow, green or black belt training. Feel free to contact us first as we may be able to provide a discount depending on the course in question.