Data Driven Insights and Decisions

Programme Overview

This 4-day programme provides a comprehensive set of tools to encourage the correct use of data and to gain business insights, influence stakeholders and drive sound decision making.

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Data Driven Insights and Decisions

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The ability to use data correctly and confidently to gain business insights, influence stakeholders and drive sound decision making is an essential skill in today’s organisations. This programme provides a comprehensive set of tools to enable these requirements.


  • Select and operationally define the right measures
  • Validate and improve the measuring process so the data can be trusted
  • Plan the data collection using the appropriate sampling approach
  • Turn the data into information using statistics and graphs
  • Use control charts to visualise and understand process behaviour
  • Analyse data using graphical and statistical analysis – hypothesis testing and regression analysis

What Software will You Need?

This is a hands-on course and you will need a copy of Minitab software. You can purchase direct from Minitab or can obtain a free 30 day trial just before training starts. Alternatively, a 6-month licence is available through Catalyst. Many organisations already have Minitab licences. Data sets relevant to multiple environments are provided for the training.

Follow-on Options

Further Process Measurement and Analysis Techniques (2 days) follows directly from this programme – this would generally be taken by manufacturing/science/quality professionals in addition to Data Driven Insights and Decisions and by those on the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Programme.

  • Individuals on the Business Black Belt Programme – this module provides the data/statistical tools component of the programme
  • Individuals on the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Programme – this module provides the first part (around 50%) of the data/statistical tools component of the programme
  • Business Improvement /Transformation professionals who recognise the value of data to gain business insights
  • Individuals who want to know how to understand more about their business processes from data – whether the data is taken from existing systems or has been collected specially for an analysis or improvement project
  • You will be able to apply the correct techniques to measure, interpret and communicate process performance
  • You will learn how statistical tools and the robust approach required to apply them enhances your thinking and promotes process learning
  • Ability and confidence to influence key stakeholders and senior leaders with data
  • Develop a working knowledge of key graphical and analytical techniques using Minitab® software

Coming Soon- Self-Study Data Driven Insights and Decisions training – equivalent to 4 days

A series of self-study e-learning video modules to guide you through the content including plenty of opportunities to stop and practise the set examples and also apply the tools and techniques to your own data.

You will have 1-1 support from a Catalyst mentor.

Virtual Open Classroom – 4 days (2 + 2 days)

The training delivery format is a set of 2 x two day sessions

The programmes are delivered live over Zoom by our experienced Master Black Belt instructors.  We use a wide variety of techniques to create and engaging, participative and fun experience for the learners. 

Support Pack 

Prices include comprehensive training materials and access to online learning resources.

We are currently delivering all of our Open Programmes remotely.

See Virtual Open Classroom tab

Once restrictions are lifted we will be able to resume face-to-face delivery and provide training at our London, Birmingham and Edinburgh venues once again.

In-company classroom  

For more than 4 delegates attending the same programme this is the most cost effective option.

The programme can be delivered on-site or virtually.

The sessions will be bespoke, lively and interactive delivering a memorable learning experience for the delegates.

We will discuss your objectives prior to the delivery, and help you to plan the most effective delivery and support to your team of delegates.

This course is typically delivered over three days.

Consecutively or spread out over half-days sessions. Whatever is most convenient to you!


  • Histograms, segmentation, Pareto, Scatter Diagram, Time Series Plots
  • Minitab skills
  • Continuous, proportion and count data types and why it matters
  • Linking the measures to CTQs using L matrices
  • The critical first step in assuring data quality – standard operating procedures for measuring
  • Attribute Agreement Analysis (full training on Gauge R&R is covered in the Further Process Measurement and Analysis Techniques module)
  • Considerations for taking a representative sample
  • Using systematic and subgroup sampling to enable insights into process behaviour
  • Determining the sample size for a desired margin of error
  • Understanding when sample size calculations are useful
  • X/mR
  • Xbar R/S
  • P/NP
  • C/U
  • Tests for special causes
  • Case studies
  • T test
  • Anova
  • Proportions tests
  • Chi Square tests
  • Type 1 and 2 errors
  • Simple linear regression
  • Residuals analysis
  • Prediction model
  • Demonstration exercise using Simul8 software

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