Lean Six Sigma is a powerful, team-based approach for dramatically improving business processes through eliminating waste and increasing quality and efficiency, resulting in enhanced customer experience, lower costs and happier staff.

Lean Six Sigma has a proven track record in businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.

Reduced cost, increased profit

Improved customer satisfaction

Shorter cycle times

Improved employee morale

The name Lean Six Sigma comes from the combination of Lean and Six Sigma:

Lean, originally developed by Toyota, is a set of principles, practices and tools aimed at maximising customer value.

Six Sigma is a structured approach aimed at increasing product and service quality by focusing on processes.

Integrating these approaches provides a comprehensive and proven approach that can transform an organisation.

Lean Six Sigma for Dummies Book

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Lean Six Sigma for Dummies, written by Catalyst’s Martin Brenig-Jones and John Morgan explains what Lean Six Sigma is, starting with the key principles and the history of both disciplines and also describes how to apply it.

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Catalyst provides a free webinar, introducing the key concepts and benefits of Lean Six Sigma. The high energy approach demonstrates that Lean Six Sigma works, and makes for a memorable experience.

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