Lean Six Sigma provides a rigorous and structured approach to help manage and improve quality and performance. It is the most widely used approach to solve business problems across every kind of business throughout the world.

Catalyst Consulting is partnering Tuning Fork to deliver Lean Six Sigma training to the Maltese market.


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Tuning Fork is a Business Advisory company. Our belief and vision is that in the fully globalised market that we are living in today, with fast technological changes, massive shifts in societal behavioural patterns (e.g. social media), the elimination of distance as an obstruction to progress, ever increasing ‘interested party’ (client, shareholder, government, public at large, NGOs etc.), new expectations on both product and service, where the word ‘quality’ has now been replaced by the word ‘customer experience’, in order for an organisation (both profit and no-profit, equally) to succeed, it requires focus and excellence in four distinct areas, which we  consider today as the key ‘pillars’ in a business. These are:

  1. Professional Competence of its Human Resources
  2. Best-in-Class Business Management, Systems and Operational techniques
  3. Operating, as a minimum, in conformity to the regulations, legislation, industry norms, statutory requirements and standards that its particular field of business operation entails
  4. Excelling and becoming market leader in Corporate Governance and Risk in its industry or sector

All the above have to operate smoothly, effectively and profitably, to give the ‘interested parties’ the experience of the organisation that they expect.

The smooth, effective and profitable functioning of an organisation can best be achieved, as worldwide organisational experience has proven with results, through a process-based approach to an organisation (as opposed to a departmental or silo approach).

Tuning Fork provides advisory services in each of these four ‘pillars’ to any business, distinctly or together on a case-by-case basis.

We chose the name Tuning Fork because we take a business that needs to improve and fine-tune it to make it achieve higher goals and even better results.

Tuning Fork advisors are normally allocated to the client for the full duration of the project, and at the client, they normally act as the project leaders. It is preferable that Tuning Fork undertakes projects with a specific start date, finish date and defined time window, and completion defined times as well as defined project milestones. The shorter the project takes the better the cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Tuning Fork does not use part-time employees in its assignments but has associates with particular specialisations and competence that Tuning Fork uses from time to time, if the necessary competence, technical or otherwise, is not available internally at Tuning Fork. The client is advised of this a-priori.

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