Angélique Macrez
Consulting Partner

Angélique Macrez

Angélique has been a beacon in Quality Management and Continuous Improvement for over two decades, seamlessly blending technical prowess with a keen understanding of people. She began her UK venture with Bouygues and swiftly made an impact in railway services at MTR Crossrail.  

At Catalyst, her abilities truly shine. Her sessions are captivating stories where attendees play pivotal roles, leading to moments of self-discovery and profound learning,  producing impactful outcomes. 

In 2019, Angélique’s distinctive methods were recognised in the award of CQI Quality Professional of the Year. Renowned for championing visual, actionable solutions, she has stirred change even in traditionally resistant sectors. 

Guided by a philosophy of “learn by doing,” Angélique believes in fully experiencing a subject before teaching it, ensuring that her training remains anchored in real-world scenarios. This empathy shines through when she creates psychologically safe environments, allowing participants to step out of their comfort zones and experiment with newfound knowledge. 

Outside the classroom she is committed to nurturing growth in herself and others. Angélique’s influence enriches conferences, award panels for both the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) and the British Quality Foundation (BQF) as well as the Deming Special Interest Group and Deming Alliance. In her words, “What matters to me is to bring joy in work to achieve greater results together.” 

For those seeking a memorable training journey that changes perspectives, Angélique is your ideal guide. 

Courses led by Angélique include:

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