Gillian Rhodes
Associate Partner

Gillian Rhodes

Gillian is a seasoned Master Black Belt Trainer with over 35 years of combined training and practitioner experience.  

With 7 years of Continuous Improvement at Motorola, her foundational role at Six Sigma Scotland Ltd, and a variety of consultant projects in between a further 7 years as a member of  manufacturing giant SKF’s global Six Sigma Core Team, Gillian is a recognised leader in process enhancement. Her subsequent 15 years of in-depth delivery of Lean, Six Sigma, and Continuous Improvement training and her BSc (Hons) in Physics from Glasgow University further cement her impressive credentials.  

In Gillian’s sessions, textbook theory meets real-life experience from diverse sectors such as Finance, Biotech, Automotive, or Power Generation. Every tool and technique is presented with its practical application in mind. Gillian has a talent for making concepts like Statistical Process Control and Regression Analysis accessible, ensuring participants gain actionable insights. 

Her distinctive expertise in Design for Six Sigma (DfSS) is unparalleled. Under her mentorship, project teams, managers, customers, and even other Master Black Belts have leveraged DfSS techniques, shaping robust, efficient processes from the outset. As an Agile Scrum Master, Gillian can also seamlessly merge these techniques into Agile development. 

Always emphasising relevance, Gillian tailors each course with examples that resonate, sparking innovative approaches for newcomers. She finds joy in watching participants adapt and employ the tools she introduces, kindling fresh perspectives and innovative approaches. Their growing confidence and readiness is a testament to her effective training approach. 

A linchpin in Catalyst’s team, Gillian offers training where knowledge depth aligns with real-world application, promising transformative results. 

Courses led by Gillian include:

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