Ian Fairweather
Consulting Partner

Ian Fairweather

Ian’s journey in continuous improvement is as much about the people he meets as it is about the processes he refines. Since 2002, his way of bringing theory to life has left an indelible mark, with a style best described as “engaging.”  

From the bustling production lines of Denver to the academic corridors of MIT, Ian quickly grasped the importance of a human connection in continuous improvement. Anchored in the ‘Gemba’, or the real place, he loves being right there in the action, helping teams to unveil previously unseen opportunities.  

Ian’s training is rich in stories, shared experiences, and ‘aha!’ moments. Participants fondly refer to his sessions as “narratives,” with themselves as the central characters. Ian adeptly ties the 5S methodology to everyday experiences and employs gamification to solidify learning. His goal is to ensure that everyone is on a captivating journey.  

His pride lies in the multitude of individual ‘kaizen’ improvements he witnesses every day.  

For Ian, it is the small changes that resonate the loudest. Beyond his Lean Sensei title and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Ian’s contagious enthusiasm and curiosity stand out. He believes in the magic of questions, often nudging learners to seek answers from within.  

Ian is both a mentor, and a lifelong learner, drawing inspiration from peers and evolving his teaching methods. His sessions blend laughter, reflection, and compelling insights. He often says, “Improvement is not just about efficiency; it is about joy.” 

If you believe learning should be a delightful discovery, Ian will be your inspiration. 

Courses led by Ian include:

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