Marie-Helene Vander Elst
Associate Director

Marie-Helene Vander Elst

A qualified pharmacist, Marie-Helene entered the world of Lean Six Sigma with General Electric in Europe, leveraging her fluency in English, French and Dutch. For 27 years, she has moulded the skills of thousands of White, Yellow and Green Belts, whilst spearheading projects with significant returns.

Since joining Catalyst in 2002, she has expanded her training horizons. Including providing bespoke Everyday Operational Excellence sessions. Her teachings are peppered with real-world anecdotes, making complex topics accessible, like her delightful use of brightly coloured chocolates in an analogy for standard deviation. 

Marie-Helene is not just a seasoned LSS consultant; she is a fervent disciple of its transformative power. This deep-seated belief resonates in her classes, swaying even the most sceptical.  

Feedback from a 2023 participant stands as a testament: “The only training where I genuinely applied what I was taught.” 

Beyond the techniques, it is the genuine connections she forges with trainees that distinguishes her; while imparting knowledge,  she nurtures relationships, leaving an indelible impact as an educator but also as an enduring ally in the LSS realm. By her own account, the zenith of her enjoyment lies in seeing delegates weave LSS principles into their routines and professions. 

“Marie-Helene is an excellent trainer, who I would highly recommend. Fun, energetic, kept the ‘dry’ parts of the course interesting. I have been on lots of different courses, but really felt that I had learnt something new” – Jenny Clegg, BAA 

With Marie-Helene, every training session goes beyond traditional learning. It is inspirational, urging clients to channel their newly acquired expertise into generating impactful, enduring outcomes for their lifelong pursuits. 

Courses led by Marie-Helene include:

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