Melissa Wright

Melissa Wright

Melissa is a seasoned trainer and consultant with a rich background in operations management. Over her career, she has honed her expertise in driving organizational change, process improvement, and problem-solving methodologies. Her journey from operations management to becoming a passionate advocate for training and consultancy was fueled by a desire to empower individuals and enhance work environments. 

Melissa’s primary areas of expertise include Change Management, Lean Six Sigma, Process Architecture, Value Stream Mapping, Strategy Development, Agile Methodologies, Facilitation, and Coaching. Her commitment to excellence is evident through her active work with the British quality Foundation and the EFQM as a proud ‘Excellenteer’, EFQM Assessor/Practitioner and EFQM Global Award Judge 2022. 

Melissa’s passion is coaching and supporting teams, with one recent team achieving an outstanding £5 million in cross-organizational benefits. She takes pride in making life easier for individuals and teams, fostering high-performing and contented cultures, and aligning senior leadership teams on vision and action plans. 

Melissa’s training approach is adaptable, incorporating real-world examples, simulations, and tailored methods to cater to different learning styles, creating a safe and enjoyable learning environment.  

Feedback from learners highlights Melissa’s infectious passion, engaging training style, and the ability to demystify Lean Six Sigma and agile methodologies. Participants appreciate the interactive and enjoyable nature of her sessions, describing her as an excellent trainer, facilitator and coach with a welcoming and informative approach. Melissa’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident in her growth mindset, role modeling, and dedication to refining content and approaches based on the latest academia, real-world experiences and learner feedback. 

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