Rob Row
Senior Partner

Rob Row

Twenty years experience in continuous improvement across diverse industries has ensured that Rob is not only a Lean Six Sigma expert but also its fervent advocate. Starting in 2001, he quickly became a certified Master Black Belt with Caterpillar Inc., launching an expansive journey into Lean Six Sigma. At Caterpillar, he played a pivotal role in projects reaping benefits over $1.5m and mentored over 60 Black Belts across Europe, generating a staggering $95m in benefits. 

Though he’s scaled great heights, Rob remains grounded. Initially hesitant to address large crowds, Rob’s authentic connection with participants, spiced with a ‘dry and peculiar sense of humour,’ ensures his workshops are as engaging as they are informative. He prides himself on recognizing each delegate’s uniqueness, catering to individual concerns. 

Rob’s approach is to spark ‘light bulb’ moments by prompting delegates to converse, reflect, and innovate. His vast real-world experiences provide a backdrop for understanding abstract concepts.  

Beyond his professional sphere, Rob is a community pillar in the East Midlands, notably through Scouting where he is the Lead Volunteer for Scouting in South Leicestershire. Managing over 200 volunteer adults, across 9 Scout groups, he’s instrumental in nurturing the next generation by providing #SkillsForLife through informal education; practical experience that transcend textbooks.  

Rob also supports a community charity to support vulnerable and lonely people and works on projects which enhance the environment, including creating a community garden. 

A Catalyst client testimonial captures the essence of Rob’s impact: “I was not looking forward to this… but thanks to you it makes sense now.”  

Rob doesn’t just teach Lean Six Sigma; he illuminates it. 

Courses led by Rob include:

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