Accelerating Transformational Change

Accelerating Transformational Change

Programme Overview

Today’s organisations are facing huge challenges and opportunities in the face of unprecedented turbulence, market dynamics and technological developments. The need for effective and rapid transformational change is greater than ever, but how can this be achieved successfully whilst meeting the daily demands of running the operation and taking care of our customers?

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Introduction to Transformational Change

This intensive 1-day workshop introduces the latest thinking for all types of change, but with a particular focus on accelerated transformation in terms of culture change, leadership behaviours, and structures and systems which enable that change to be effective, rapid and sustainable. Delegate materials will be provided and reinforced by case examples, video, exercises and team based discussions to bring the concepts to life. This course is an intense and unique 1-day programme, combining discussion, classroom and practical exercises.

At A Glance

Accelerating Transformational Change
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Price P.O.A
Duration 1 day
CPD Points 8
Accreditations T.B.A.
Prerequisites None
Delivery Modes In-Company
Delivered By Chris Merriman

Who is this course for?

This training workshop is suitable for executive and change/transformation leaders and sponsors, especially those looking to drive the bold change necessary to succeed today, regardless of your industry or business. Crucially it describes how to focus and align your people’s energy and urgency around the ‘Big Opportunity’ for transformational change.

No previous formal training in Change Management or Transformational Change is required, although delegates’ experience and insights will be helpful and explored during the course as the group will gain additional learning from each other.


Outcomes for Your Personal Development: Following the training you will have the knowledge and skill in the theory of VSM to evaluate VSM projects previously run in company, learn from past experience, write Project Charters for specific VSM projects , set objectives, and support (and eventually lead) VSM projects.

In-company classroom  

For more than 4 delegates attending the same programme this is the most cost effective option.

The programme can be delivered on-site or virtually.

The sessions will be bespoke, lively and interactive delivering a memorable learning experience for the delegates.

We will discuss your objectives prior to the delivery, and help you to plan the most effective delivery and support to your team of delegates.

This course is typically delivered over 1 day.

Consecutively or spread out over half-days sessions. Whatever is most convenient to you!

Supporting Materials

To reinforce and support those attending the training we will supply a wiro-bound copy of all the slides and
exercises, along with any templates that are used during the session.


The programme is composed of the following sections:

  • Why we need to consider change management
    • The Kotter Accelerate model and how it differs from the established 8 steps
    • Change management versus change leadership
  • Left brain/right brain organisations and how they develop
  • An Overview of each of the Accelerators and the type of skills and tools that might be needed to deliver them
  • The challenges the dual system might bring
  • Looking in a bit more detail at a couple of these topics – the Big Opportunity and the Servant Leader
  • Deciding which approach to use and assessing readiness to change
  • How it works in practice
  • Next steps and how Catalyst can support you

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