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Programme Overview

5S is a simple but powerful technique, generally considered to be a foundation element for Lean and continuous improvement. Despite this it is often poorly or inappropriately implemented in practice. Many organisations are successful at initial implementation, but most struggle to maintain, sustain or even improve on the original work.

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Introduction to Practical 5S

This is an intensive one-day training workshop programme which covers 5S and related methodologies. The emphasis is on practical approaches/ tools to facilitate its effective execution in the organisation and sustainment as an operational system. Delegate materials will be provided and reinforced by case studies, video, exercises and team based discussions to bring the concepts to life. How can I take this course? This course is delivered as an intense 1-day programme, combining classroom and practical “field trip” sessions. Supporting Materials: To reinforce and support those attending the training we will supply a wiro-bound copy of all the slides and exercises, along with any templates that are used during the session.

At A Glance

Practical 5S
Now Showing Practical 5S – on-site delivery
Price P.O.A
Duration 1 day
CPD Points 8
Accreditations T.B.A.
Prerequisites None
Delivery Modes In-Company
Delivered By Ian Fairweather

Who is this course for?

This training is suitable for managers, supervisors/team leaders, continuous improvement practitionersand anyone seeking to harness the power of 5S thinking. No previous knowledge of 5S or Lean will be assumed, although it will be helpful and taken into account during the course. The content covers the spectrum from basic to advanced thinking, so there is valuable content for every level.


After completing the Practical 5S (1-day) course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of 5S and its significance as a foundation element for Lean and continuous improvement
  • Identify the different applications of 5S in production/manufacturing environments, office/transactional areas, and the virtual world
  • Recognise the benefits of 5S on waste reduction, quality improvement, cost reduction, and safety enhancement
  • Analyse the sources of resistance in the workplace and identify the barriers and pitfalls that need to be overcome during the implementation of 5S
  • Learn from real-world examples and case studies to gain insight into good practices and hard lessons associated with 5S implementation
  • Develop the skills and approaches to sustain 5S as an operational system and hold the gain over time
  • Understand the importance of good audit practice, building understanding, and motivating employees to achieve 5S targets
  • Apply practical approaches/tools to facilitate effective execution of 5S in the organisation and maintain it as an operational system

By the end of the Practical 5S (1-day) course, you will have gained a comprehensive understanding of the principles of 5S and the practical tools and techniques needed to implement it effectively in your organisation.

In-company classroom  

For more than 4 delegates attending the same programme this is the most cost effective option.

The programme can be delivered on-site or virtually.

The sessions will be bespoke, lively and interactive delivering a memorable learning experience for the delegates.

We will discuss your objectives prior to the delivery, and help you to plan the most effective delivery and support to your team of delegates.

This course is typically delivered over 1 days.

Consecutively or spread out over half-days sessions. Whatever is most convenient to you!

Supporting Materials

To reinforce and support those attending the training we will supply a wiro-bound copy of all the slides and exercises, along with any templates that are used during the session.


  • The theory. What is 5S? What 5S isn’t
  • Application in production/manufacturing environments, office/transactional areas and the virtual world
  • The impacts on Waste, Quality, Cost and Safety
  • The impact on working practice and culture
  • Sources of resistance in the workplace and the barriers and pitfalls that have to be overcome.
  • Some cautionary tales!
  • Using case studies and other real-world examples, what does ≈ 20 years of experience tell us?
  • Why is “Sustain” the most difficult ‘S’ and what approaches can we used to help us hold the gain?
  • What is good audit practice?
  • Motivating and building understanding.
  • Developing capability and setting targets

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