The Lean Six Sigma Guru – April

You have questions, The Lean Six Sigma Guru has answers. Each month, the mysterious and wise Lean Six Sigma Guru answers the most popular questions about Lean Six Sigma and the world of Continuous Improvement. 

Seeking knowledge and mastery is a path you need not walk alone. Your journey may take different twists along the way, but the destination is the same. This week we seek to answer questions about where you have been, and where you need to go to progress through your journey to Lean Six Sigma Mastery.

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I passed a course a number of years ago and need a certificate as proof, can I still get it?

A: Yes, if you provide Catalyst with your name and details, they will be able to provide a certificate from past training courses in most cases.

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How long does the Black belt online course take to complete?

A.The complete end-to-end Black Belt programme is 16 day of classroom study, this includes 4 days of Green Belt material, so upgrading from Green Belt to Black Belt is 12 days. Typically 1 day of classroom content requires ~5 hours of online study, so anticipate 70-90 study hours for full Black Belt, and 50-65 for Black Belt upgrade.

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Is Yellow Belt training just an exam or an exam and evidence of practice?

A. To apply for BQF certification with Yellow Belt training, you have to do the training, pass the exam and provide evidence of practice. Click here to find out more about the certification process.

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Do I need to know Minitab to complete the Advanced Green Belt and Black Belt training?

A. Being familiar with Minitab is helpful for Catalyst’s courses, but they assume no knowledge and will teach you to use the software from the beginning if you’re not familiar with it.

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Do I have to attend classroom sessions to complete Catalyst’s Lean Six Sigma training?

A. Absolutely not. Catalyst’s training is flexible around you, meaning they offer classroom training as well as online and in-house. Online training means you can do the training in your own time at home using the online training platform. Alternatively, if you have a group of people that require training, Catalyst will come to you and train you in your own premises. Their Open training is also very flexible, often been held in key locations such as London, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

I hope this has answered some of your popular questions regarding some of the requirements needed for Lean Six Sigma training.

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