As a leader – do you have a ‘change ready mindset’?

Change Management

Are you really achieving brilliant change?

Change has become the new next, and we all know that when change happens it’s going to get a reaction from the people who need to receive it, a widely known statistic is that about 70% of change under achieves its full potential. How confident are you that you’re really achieving brilliant change? No matter what kind of change you’re making or the method you use to make it happen. Here’s our Change Checker to help you as a leader of change plan to get everyone in your organisation THINKing “I can”, FEELing “I want to” and DOing “what it will take” for your change to be BRILLIANT

As a leader, can you answer YES to the following;

  • In times of change do you make a practical plan of ‘what it will take’


  • Can you tell a really clear compelling and authentic story, so everyone is left THINKing ‘I want to’ be part of this change journey


  • Do you have a plan to build the right capability that leaves everyone FEELing ‘I can’ be part of this change journey


  • Do you have a plan for creating ALL the necessary reinforcement so that your change sticks and stays with EVERYONE DOing ‘what it will take’ for the change to succeed brilliantly


  • Are you leveraging all the energy of what has gone before and the learning this provided, so you’re proactively avoiding the common change pitfalls?


  • Have you equipped your team with a ‘my mini-business’ mindset so they are they able to adapt to changes with pace and agility?


  • Will your change reach its full potential and embed fully into a sustainable culture – do you really understand ‘how will I know’ if you have?


  • Are you likely to look back and reflect ‘I could have done even more’?

Surprisingly not every leader of change can answer YES to all these questions!

Don’t worry we can help you strengthen your approach across all of them.
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