The Lean Six Sigma Guru – February

You have questions, The Lean Six Sigma Guru has answers. Each month, the mysterious and wise Lean Six Sigma Guru answers the most popular questions about Lean Six Sigma and the world of Continuous Improvement. 

How can each one of us prove our worth? A mark of quality to prove your skills is worth its weight in gold. Throughout February, I have largely pondered your questions on certification processes and membership statuses. Train to be a master, and prove your worth with a mark of quality!

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I have Catalyst’s details from ICiPS regarding training providers. They clearly offer a range of courses but I am unclear how each one maps against the membership standards for ICiPS, please can you advise?

A. Catalyst’s full range of Lean Six Sigma and Lean training provide either full or partial evidence of capability in membership competencies.  As an indication, by completing the Green Belt or Lean Practitioner training you would likely become an ICiPS professional at member level and the additional knowledge that you would gain could be used to go towards a higher grade of membership.

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What benefits do I get as an ICiPS member by taking Catalyst’s training programmes?

A. All of Catalyst’s Lean Six Sigma and Lean training programmes contribute to achieving either full or partial membership grades and at the same time they earn CPD credits.  Don’t forget that you get a specially negotiated training discounted rate too!

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I would like to know more about the accreditation of Catalyst’s agile course?

A. The agile for Lean-Six Sigma programme does not have a separate accreditation as it is not a traditional agile project management programme. However, any LSS projects could be submitted with the Agile elements in the Improve phase and be assessed as a project for BQF LSS certification.

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Where can I find out more information regarding certification?

A. You can find out more about Catalyst’s certification process by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can find out more about the BQF here and ICiPS here.

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What is the BQF certification process for Lean Six Sigma?

A. The certification process consists of the following:

Training, pass the exam(s), then carry out improvement project work and submit this for assessment.

For Yellow Belt we need evidence of involvement in improvement activities and use of appropriate tools.

For Green Belt, a storyboard presenting a full DMAIC project.

For Black Belt there needs to be two projects submitted, and at least one must be a black belt level. You can find out more here.

I hope this has answered some of your popular questions regarding BQF certification and ICiPS membership.

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